Training Employees For Your Chandler, AZ Restaurant: What Works And What Doesn’t

When you’re hiring a new employee, you’re taking into consideration their experience and their knowledge in order to create a worker that provides excellent customer service. But if you don’t train them to do their job, you’re not giving yourself or them the best opportunity to do so.

It all starts with the hiring of a new employee. Even before they are offered the job, you’ll want to exude the overall company attitude and direction. You want to show a potential employee how they will be expected to act as well as what they will need to care about when they are working.

But once they are hired, you’ll want to continue this process. If you’re the one doing the training, the best way to give them all of the information that they need is twofold: one, you need to be a positive example for them, and two, you need to take the time to listen to their questions.

Many restaurants in Chandler, AZ will have an established training system or book that their employees will need to go over throughout their training. It is imperative that the person doing the training be familiar with the contents and be able to explain any difficult concepts in full detail. In order to do this, it’s best that the trainer have an additional employee on hand to cover their workload.

All of the trainer’s attention should be on the new employee and making sure that they learn everything. Go through the book or manual together and talk about the concepts inside. If there are tests that need to be given, be sure that you talk about the topics that might be on the quiz during that section in order to be sure that the trainee has learned what they need to know.

Often time, you will have a trainee that doesn’t seem to ask a lot of questions or be interested in the training itself. In these cases, it’s best to let the trainee guide the training. To do this, you should make sure that you are asking them a lot of questions in order to get them involved in what they need to know. This might start with having them read the manual on their own and then asking them questions or having them repeat the information.

The real purpose is to have both the trainee and the trainer feel confident that the information has been passed on.

What doesn’t work when you are training is to let the trainee read the book on their own without any supervision from anyone. While you might be pressed for time and short staffed, sub-standard training will not be to anyone’s benefit. You need to be able to devote your attention to this new employee so that they feel like they are important and that the information they are learning is also important.

And the training duty shouldn’t be passed over to anyone that is now knowledgeable about training and the company. Keep training to the management as well as certified trainers. This leads to better training and better learning for everyone involved.