Of the three areas of accountability, the extremely conventional and you may widespread?

Of the three areas of accountability, the extremely conventional and you may widespread?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The newest delegation so you’re able to and you will oversight out-of factors by the third parties-regulators, profit-established organizations, and you will nonprofits-is named a good. federalism. b. societal market associations. c. bureaucratic liability. d. administration by proxy.

19. Political researcher John Gaus assented that have Woodrow Wilson you to separating government away from government will be accomplished by enacting laws and regulations one to offered selected officials control to support plan you to definitely administrators create just manage. good. Correct b. Incorrect

20. Policymakers do not worthy of a free chain regarding demand as opposed to so much more head command over their subordinates. an excellent. True b. False

21. Owners and you will decided to go with authorities request a lower life expectancy amount of ethics than just you to requested from the personal sector to own political appointed public directors. an excellent. Genuine b. Incorrect

twenty two. While the different regulators firms enjoys varied countries it is difficult in order to care for a fundamental set of elite norms that regulate administrative decisions. a good. True b. Untrue

1. All of the following try categories of the various process one to identify social teams away from personal organizations Except a great. strategies of abilities. b. social analysis. C rules creation. d. salesmanship.

3. Many standard difference between personal and personal groups, more than supervision and gratification dimension was a good. social scrutiny. c. long-term teams. d. increased exposure of perfect for neighborhood.

4. _________ high light collateral, results, and you may controlling by marketing. a great. Nonprofits b. Personal groups C Personal organizations d. Quick corporations

5. Personal government concerns An insurance policy creation and policy delivery. b. plan formation, although not policy performance. c. plan performance, yet not coverage development. d. neither rules creation nor rules delivery.

6. One of several key items of public administration is the inevitably blurry line between a good. societal and private teams. b. national rather than in the world government. c. electricity and you will inefficiency. D politics and you can management.

7. The prospective to possess administrative obligations will be to optimize ______ controls and get rid of _______ regulation. a great. discretionary; interior b. external; internal c. internal; discretionary D inner; additional

Woodrow Wilson’s take on ________ has generated a long-lasting scholarly argument

8. All the after the teaches you enhanced management step in coverage development Except a great. brand new certified ability out-of company employees. b. the elevated technicality off personal coverage. C. new reduced role from legislative involvement. d. the organization out of captain executive’s character given that coverage schedule setter.

nine. In place of the personal industry, the general public market try guilty to each of one’s after the But An excellent all over the world organizations. b. legislators. c. courts. d. people.

10. Each of the following the makes public groups different from personal teams Except a. industry services. b. visibility. C results strategies. d. societal analysis.

11. good. organizational principle b. the difference between social and private management c. plan execution and you can rules creation D the fresh new neutrality off personal management

twelve. American citizens began to request a great deal getiton more from bodies A since World war ii. b. as the Community Battle I. c. as lifetime of Woodrow Wilson. d. just like the period of the Federalist Records.

B rule from legislation

thirteen. Even when decided to go with officials approve, direct and supply tips into the policy, ______ trusted to help you directors is really what translates brand new intention of the regulations on the facts. a beneficial. supervision B policy delivery c. nonprofit administration d. societal analysis

14. And that of your following the is regarded as too unproductive to complete far out of certainly not meanwhile so powerful one decisions can be produced randomly rather than due processes? a beneficial. worldwide communities b. personal communities C bureaucracy d. public charities

15. Government’s role within the neighborhood is indeed pervading it was termed “brand new management county” because of the ______ inside the 1948. a good. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Honest J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo