The guy was not expecting to end smashing on their roommate’s sweetheart, a pleasant boy named hoseok

The guy was not expecting to end smashing on their roommate’s sweetheart, a pleasant boy named hoseok

immediately after an enormous scandal, rap artist Agust D covers with his family members to quit gossip throughout the your. however, a struggle with his mommy forces your to find his youth home town next-door neighbor sitios de citas que son gratuitos para conocer hombres latinos once the hide out alternatively. now he’s got to call home that have park jimin, their neighbor’s guy and you may yoongi’s basic love.


jimin always thinks they are fundamentally regarding it up to there will be something that can make your return and you can understand he has got never avoided becoming crazy about yoongi. however, it doesn’t matter what enough time goes on and how far they usually have changed, it nevertheless can not work on their shared emotions.

compulsory heterosexuality

yoonmin: Jimin are desperate for a date now that their best friends is actually dating, as well as the guy does is actually third wheel in their mind. unfortuitously, every his dates is a mess, and his awesome beautiful and extremely upright next-door next-door neighbor Min Yoongi keeps to make fun out-of your

namseok: Namjoon takes their roommate’s render to stay in their apartment whenever it come back to Seoul while the staying with his companion is actually a nightmare. That was not an intelligent disperse.


a few things from the yoongi: he’s good dreamwalker and you can they are crazy about his buddy park jimin. either he believes it is shared. but jimin only reveals their attitude throughout their common hopes and dreams and the guy cannot think about him or her as he gets up or, at the least, the guy acts including the guy does not

fairy au

yoonmin: yoongi wanted to eliminate their workload and personal situations, the guy don’t purpose locate a great fairy called jimin on the woods, much less into the fairy to adhere to him right back, not wanting to go out of yoongi’s house once the he desires let your. yoongi guesses he may utilize the organization

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