Of the three areas of accountability, the extremely conventional and you may widespread?

Of the three areas of accountability, the extremely conventional and you may widespread?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The newest delegation so you’re able to and you will oversight out-of factors by the third parties-regulators, profit-established organizations, and you will nonprofits-is named a good. federalism. b. societal market associations. c. bureaucratic liability. d. administration by proxy.

19. Political researcher John Gaus assented that have Woodrow Wilson you to separating government away from government will be accomplished by enacting laws and regulations one to offered selected officials control to support plan you to definitely administrators create just manage. good. Correct b. Incorrect

20. Policymakers do not worthy of a free chain regarding demand as opposed to so much more head command over their subordinates. an excellent. True b. False

21. Owners and you will decided to go with authorities request a lower life expectancy amount of ethics than just you to requested from the personal sector to own political appointed public directors. an excellent. Genuine b. Incorrect

twenty two. While the different regulators firms enjoys varied countries it is difficult in order to care for a fundamental set of elite norms that regulate administrative decisions. a good. True b. Untrue

1. All of the following try categories of the various process one to identify social teams away from personal organizations Except a great. strategies of abilities. b. social analysis. C rules creation. d. salesmanship.

3. Many standard difference between personal and personal groups, more than supervision and gratification dimension was a good. social scrutiny. c. long-term teams. d. increased exposure of perfect for neighborhood.

4. _________ high light collateral, results, and you may controlling by marketing. a great. Nonprofits b. Personal groups C Personal organizations d. Quick corporations

5. Personal government concerns An insurance policy creation and policy delivery. Read more