American Food in Chandler AZ

We’re having Native American food. – Which is really, we’re just eating American food, for the first time. It smells amazing in here!… Ohh, I am so excited to see how people react to this. They’re probably going to die. I ate a light lunch today actually to prepare for this. And that’s why. We have to share? Oh my God, it smells so nutty. This taste so healthy.

I feel like this is what you eat when you have your life together. -So many grains. Grains. A lot of grains. – My poop is gonna just be perfect. This is definitely like a unique kind of rice. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything like this. What point in history do you think we started pooping so poorly? – Hmm, whenever white people got involved. Wild rice, is not actually rice. It’s a grass seed. – It’s not really rice. – We just ate grass? – Oh. – Well, we learn something everyday. We got ourselves some. Oh, this smells good! – This is like soup my grandma would make.

– There’s corn. There’s beans. There’s a bunch of different vegetables. The three sisters are beans, corn, and squash and they were all grown together, almost like one big crop. Fourth sister, she can go (beep) herself. – The cornstalk would grow. The bean sprout would grow up the cornstalk. The squash would cover the ground and protect the root system. – Oh… – [Guy] They’re called the three sisters because they lived together. – Oh, that’s so sweet. Wow. I want to hang out with those sisters because this food is good! Definitely see the similarities between Native American food and African American food. This definitely tastes like something that latin folk would make. It actually tastes like tortilla soup a little bit too. It feels familiar to me. It feels like home. I’ve been waiting all day for this. Oohhh…. Wow! It’s cute! – Aww man, this is just a frisbee of goodness, right here. I should, I’m just gonna pick it up.

Mmm, food! – This is so good. – An Indian taco is fry bread with chili and all this dank ass stuff. This one is not healthy. This is diabetes on a plate. Dang, this is some good ass drunk food right here. Oh my God! This bread taste different than any kind of other bread I’ve ever had. And it kicks a funnel cake’s ass. I feel like a lot of Native culture hasn’t crossed over into main true American culture and that’s a damn shame because this food is so damn good.

There’s certain cultures in which we don’t have access to. I mean, I don’t know why we don’t have a ton of access to Native American culture. I feel like people think that like all Native traditions and everything is like dead and this is some ancient food that we are reincarnating, right now. It’s still something that people eat every single day. And if this is hiding within Native culture, then I can’t imagine what else is waiting for us. It’s a shame because obviously Native American culture has so much to offer. And food is just one of them. I’m honored to be eating this. This deliciousness. – It’s so good. Some great restaurants in

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